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Audio Reviews: I Am Not Ashamed



I am Not Ashamed
by David North and the Gospel Celebration
Cassette Tape

All songs on this excellent album were written by the Rev. David K. North, now pastor of Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church, College Park, Maryland, USA, except "I am Not Ashamed," which was written by Virgil Night and David North.

Gospel Celebration includes David North, piano and lead vocals; Janina Sajka, keyboard; Jeanie Broderick, drums and percussion; Virgil Night, bass guitar and vocals; Scott Breivold, tenor; Shirley L. Clay, alto; Freida Rink-Walton, soprano; and Myriam Valle, soprano.  Additional instrumental soloists for selected songs include Myriam Valle on acoustic guitar, Dave Hanbury on lead guitar, Al Williams on saxophone, and  Dennis Thompson on bagpipes.

Songs on this album include "Whosoever Will," "A Little Bit of Faith," "Beloved," "He Was Wounded," "Be Encouraged," "No, I'll Never Turn Back," "Power of Prayer," "Justified," "I'm Covered," "My Prayer," and "I Am Not Ashamed."

The Gospel Celebration


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