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Windows created by Chi Rho Press' stained glass craftsperson, Adam DeBaugh

Adam specializes in windows and doesn't work on lamps or etching. He created the small pieces that Chi Rho Press sells just for the Press.

Adam will create windows on commission. Glass is expensive and commissions generally are $75 a square foot. It takes up to 100 hours to make a two by three foot window, from design to framing. He uses the copper foil and solder method of stained glass. Each piece is cut to fit, then the edges are wrapped with copper foil to have something for the solder to adhere to, then the pieces are soldered together to make the window. Finally the whole piece is outlined in lead came and framed.

Contact him at for further information and to discuss commissions."


Windows Commissioned for Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church

College Park, Maryland

(Photos by David York)

The Communion Window

The Holy Spirit Window

The Noah's Ark Window

The Easter Lily Window

Samples of Other Windows/Items


Tulips in a Blue Vase, made as a wedding gift

Hummingbird and Wisteria

Rocking Horse made on the birth of my first nephew, Douglas.



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